Pina Di Biase is an experienced lawyer who has extensive experience in representing clients in the private and public sector.  She is known for providing  exceptional client service.  She makes her clients her number one priority.  She is a lawyer who truly cares about her clients.  Pina spent a significant part of her career working on complex multi-million dollar commercial transactions, for high profile corporate entities. 



Pina is experienced in dispute resolution and worked on the negotiation and settlement of multi million dollar contractual  claims. 

Pina has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including information technology, outsourcing, software and hardware, manufacturing, consumer products, entertainment and construction. 


Pina has represented clients in civil and criminal court. She understands her clients needs and she is committed to serving her clients in the most effective and efficient ways.
Pina obtained her French Common Law Degree from L’Universite de Moncton and offers services in French and Italian.

Practise Areas

Commercial: Commercial litigation, incorporations, corporate minute books, contract drafting, review and negotiations.
Litigation: Small Claims, Divisional and Superior Court. 
Dispute Resolution:  Negotiation and settlement of contractual claims. 
Criminal Law: 
Notary Public: Notarize documents, Commissioner of Oath for Affidavits 



Trust is every and the only thing when it comes to selecting the firm and lawyer that will represent you. Our clients are companies and individuals just like you.

Our client’s trust is the key to our mission. Rest assured that we put our best foot forward. Pina Di Biase and team will ensure you as a client will receive services and representation that is conducted with the utmost honest and professional conduct.

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Our knowledge and understanding of the law allows us to deliver success stories to our clients and if they are a corporates client the they are able to deliver results to their customers!

Pina DiBiase has been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their contracts, civil litigations and more with our unique approach to case management and consultancy solutions. As one of Canada's premier legal provider, both Pina and her support staff are ready to help.

Pina Di Biase – Founder

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